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Re: Marketing Meeting for this week, please RSVP

Yes, I'll be there.

Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:

Hello all. I was on PTO and missed this meeting last week -- but looks like it was chaos because of the network outage here at Red Hat HQ.

Also doesn't look like anybody bit on the meeting reschedulement for Saturday.

So. Time to get back on the bike and start pedalling again.

My proposal: this Thursday, 1900 UTC (which is 3pm EDT).

Please either:
a. RSVP with a yes; or
b. RSVP with a no and a proposal; or
c. RSVP with regrets.

Thanks all. Looking forward to another productive meeting.


On Thu, 13 Mar 2008, John Babich wrote:

Due to network problems, the marketing meeting to continue refining
the Fedora Marketing Plan did not happen as planned at 2000 hrs UTC on
Thursday, 13 March.

We would like to reschedule the meeting for this coming Saturday, 15
March, at 1800 hrs UTC.

Please see the following links to review the discussion up to this point:

(06 March) Meeting Summary:
(06 March) IRC Log:

Best Regards,

John Babich
Volunteer, Fedora Project

John Q. Adams
Brand Manager | Red Hat
Brand Communications + Design
joadams redhat com

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