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Re: Mandriva supports eee

Jonathan Dieter wrote:

That's my take, anyway.  FWIW, the F8 rhgb doesn't scale properly on
800x480 and the gdm login screen just *barely* fits.  But those are both
minor details.

We have a couple of bleeding edge stuff for this case too, so bleeding edge that is probably can't be found on any other distro:

- as you may know, GDM is rewritten. It was so bleeding edge that it was not included in GNOME 2.22, which reverted in the last minute to the previous version. The Red Hat Desktop team is confident that the additional time will allow them to fix the last remaining issues. I have not looked at the layout yet (will do after the Beta, but I don't have an Eee anyway) but it is supposed to scale much better. It would be useful is some Eee user will test that and report the bugs, if any.

- another brand-new feature form the Desktop Team is multiresolution backgrounds. That is, the Art Team can provide the desktop wallpaper as an XML linking to multiple images, appropriate for various screen sizes. I will try to take care of that so we do not forget 800x480 as one of those sizes.

I think we have enough facts that until the release day will allow us to spin a positive image for Fedora's Eee usage.

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