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Re: Boxed version of Fedora

Ian Weller wrote:
On Fri, 21 Mar 2008, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Something for the store SIG to consider as there is a good amount of support for it

Someone on the forum also linked to this:

"Will Fedora be sold in retail?

"Fedora will not be sold through the retail channel as a shrinkwrapped
box. There is no list price for Fedora. The rapid development pace we
expect for Fedora doesn't suit retail distribution — it is a lot of work
to get a box product in and out of the channel, and retail isn't set up
to efficiently handle software that is updated as often as every six
months. Also, the creation of packaging and other materials that are
necessary for retail significantly slows down the time to market, which
means that users can't get the freshest bits when they are still truly
fresh. Further information on Red Hat's retail product line is available
at the Red Hat website."

I still think it's a neat concept, however it may not fit Fedora all
that well.  Potentially a "starter kit" would be something neat, with
manuals, general FAQs, and, of course, stickers ;)

As the current FAQ maintainer and the one who added that particular answer to the FAQ, let me point out some details for additional context.


When Red Hat decided to create the Red Hat Linux Project which later got renamed in Fedora Project, Red Hat published this particular answer as a result of it's experience (and dealing with loses in a retail product) while creating Red Hat Linux releases roughly twice a year and I copied it over from http://fedora.redhat.com pages when I created the FAQs since I knew that site was going away soon at that time.

A lot of details have changed and Fedora Project of today is a different beast (or angel if you will). We could certainly reevaluate our considerations and IMO we should.


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