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Re: "your fedora story" idea?

Michael Beckwith wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:
Ian Weller wrote:
Potentially for getting the word out that Fedora is actively used by people from all walks of life, we could ask for users' stories on how/why they came across Fedora and how/why they use it. The (better) stories could be published in a random loop on fedoraproject.org (of course, after review) as testimonials.

The exciting part would be asking contributors (most notably ambassadors) the same questions.

The idea is still shaky in my mind but I'd thought I'd post it to see what everyone else thought. -- ian

I think this is an awesome idea. I think if possible we should ask for photos of the people submitting stories if their story is selected. It will make the website more personable. It's always more inviting to see a website with smiling people right? :)

Are we going to have real people take real photos of real fedora users smiling? or should we just find ourselves some stock photos? :P

I was thinking of asking for the submitter's actual photos. Stock photos are... well, stock. And Fedora is not. :)


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