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Re: SFD@National Institute of Technology Hamirpur H.P

Great to hear from you Varun,

I have sent 31 CDs of Fedora to Rajan. Hope he can help as he is from himanchal pradesh too.

Rajan please help them.

About Fedora T-Shirts, you must contact the Fedora ambassadors. If you want me to send you, I can but, I can't provide them for free as we sell them in order to sustain our group.

If something I can do. I will really be happy.


On Thu, 2008-09-25 at 18:35 +0530, varun patial wrote:
Hello Sir,

          My name is Varun Patial and I belong to Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh in India. I have been working on Fedora for the past 3 years. I am pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from National Institute of Technology,Hamirpur where I am the system administrator of a GLUG-NITH server (www.glug-nith.org) which is currently hosting Fedora-mirror (ftp://fedora.glug-nith.org), TLDP and GNU mirror. I am also the administrator of GLUG-NITH mailing list. GLUG-NITH has, for the last 4 years, been working for the cause of promotion of the idea of using LINUX as an operating system among the students of NIT Hamirpur.

I read you post on fedora-ambassadors mailing list regarding the Software freedom day. So I thought of sharing our experience of SFD with you.
          On 20th we celebrated software freedom day(SFD) in our college. 
We didn't expected many people since it being a holiday and also people were off to their home just after  periodical exam. even we put the notice just one day before as everyone was busy in periodical.

         The event consisted of
        1 Introduction to glug-nith and campus ambassador program started by SunMicrosystem in our college.
        2 A detailed step by step installation of fedora 9 and openSolaris build 79.
        3 Distibution of openSolaris dvds to everyone.
        We started at  4:30 in the evening with some 35 people, mostly new faces from 1st year. We started the session  with the introduction to glug-nith and the ideology behind it, the opensSource concept and  its learn and share philosophy!
        We had plans of warping up everything within one hour, but people kept pouring in and within half an hour some 65 people were their in the seminar hall! infact we had to stand throughout the session as  their was no chair left.
        Student were quite interested and they did come up with lots of basic but interesting question!

    In the end we distributed the dvd of opensolaris . It all took  more than 2 hours but needless to say it was really great and much more than what we expected.I am also sending some of the pics in attachment.
We tried to get fedora DVDs but all went in vain. So if you can help us with fedora installation DVDs , i will be grateful to you.

Also tell me how can I order a Fedora T-Shirt.


Varun Patial

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