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Re: Generic Marketing release cycle schedule (draft)

Mel, I'd probably put the Red Hat Brand coordination meeting earlier,
something like Alpha availability +1 week.  They need significant
headroom in their schedule for things like video production.


Thanks, Paul (and sorry for the belated answer) - edited. Here's the final generic one - final in the sense that we won't worry about this until the start of F13, since this will certainly be tweaked at the beginning of the next round.


Incidentally, we need someone to convert this file to taskjuggler format - see https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/1. (yes, we're using a ticketing system now. You'll see more of this as tasks trickle in...)


PS: Yeah, I know, I should have made the first ticket "not everybody contributes to Fedora" or something like that.

PPS: Note the level of detail at which I'm trying to write tickets. I went a little overboard; they don't all have to be this detailed. However, a relative newcomer should be able to read a ticket and immediately know how to start - at the very least, the ticket should point to instructions on how to find someone on IRC to ask about how to get started. This means using URLs instead of vague references ("that site thing") and putting in clear "here's how you tell when you are done" criteria. This will also help us remember what the heck a ticket referred to several years down the line.

I'll repeat all this in a "now we have Trac!" email (which will point to a wiki page asking people to do this sort of thing), but as a former QA person, I couldn't resist an opportunity to advocate for good ticket-writing skills. (Further suggestions welcome.)

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