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F12 Marketing schedule frozen

...after making sure no schedule conflicts with other teams ensued. Yay!

Schedule attached, and also available at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule in extraordinarily ugly formatting. (John, is there a better way to format this for you? I followed the Gobby format you wanted, but the items aren't listed in strictly chronological order.)

Once this schedule is posted on http://poelstra.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-12/f-12-all-tasks.html, the Extraordinarily Ugly Formatting will be replaced by a much nicer-looking link.

Of course, the real question (now that we have a schedule with milestones and all) is how on-track are we for hitting them? Stay tuned, because the answer is coming... *dun-dun-DUNN* at the start of the next Marketing meeting. (In other words, I get to go and calculate that frantically now.)

Alpha Readiness Meeting                                      2009-08-12     2009-08-12

Update the Talking Points                                    2009-07-28    2009-08-04

List potential talking points and feature profiles		2009-07-28	2009-08-04

Cleanup the wiki from the obsolete marketing cycles          2009-07-14        2009-07-21 

Cycle the wiki pages to the new release                      2009-07-14        2009-07-21

Decide format and provider for each talking point and feature profile		2009-08-04	2009-08-11

In-depth feature profiles from 0% to 75% completion         2009-08-04	 2009-09-22

Contact News Beats author about topics/features we cover	2009-09-22	2009-09-29

Drafts of talking points completed			2009-09-15	2009-09-22

Beta Readiness Meeting                                     2009-09-30      2009-09-30

Open the call for release slogan suggestions             2009-09-10      2009-09-10

Release slogan selection                                 2009-09-10      2009-09-17

Finish the in-depth feature profiles                      2009-09-22	2009-10-06

Meet with RH Brand to discuss additional/supplemental RH-provided marketing materials that may be coming out (video, press blog, etc)	2009-08-19	2009-08-26

Brief FAMSCo on talking points and propagate link to Ambassadors   2009-09-15	2009-09-22

Update the press kits                       2009-09-29	2009-10-06

Final release slogan is ready for websites/design            2009-09-17    2009-09-17

Beta Readiness Meeting                                         2009-09-30        2009-09-30

Beta public availability                                       2009-10-06        2009-10-06

Update and freeze the screenshots page                                    2009-10-14        2009-10-21

Update and freeze the Fedora tour page                                    2009-10-14        2009-10-21

Tour Page Frozen                                               2009-10-21       2009-10-21

Brief News Distribution Network on tour page and other marketing materials created to date     2009-10-21	2009-10-28

Monitor community news sites and provide corrections and additional information as needed 2009-10-21	2009-12-01

Fedora 12 Final Readiness meeting                              2009-10-28       2009-10-28

Fedora 12 GA Day                                               2009-11-03       2009-11-03

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