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Re: Generic Marketing release cycle schedule (draft)

On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 12:56:51AM -0400, Mel Chua wrote:
>> Mel, I'd probably put the Red Hat Brand coordination meeting earlier,
>> something like Alpha availability +1 week.  They need significant
>> headroom in their schedule for things like video production.
>> Paul
> Thanks, Paul (and sorry for the belated answer) - edited. Here's the  
> final generic one - final in the sense that we won't worry about this  
> until the start of F13, since this will certainly be tweaked at the  
> beginning of the next round.
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/Schedule/Generic
> Incidentally, we need someone to convert this file to taskjuggler format  
> - see https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/1. (yes, we're using 
> a ticketing system now. You'll see more of this as tasks trickle in...)

I'll ask John about this -- in the past I believe he's taken care of
this for teams.

> PS: Yeah, I know, I should have made the first ticket "not everybody  
> contributes to Fedora" or something like that.

"Some people think Fedora is just a kind of hat." ;-)

> PPS: Note the level of detail at which I'm trying to write tickets. I  
> went a little overboard; they don't all have to be this detailed.  
> However, a relative newcomer should be able to read a ticket and  
> immediately know how to start - at the very least, the ticket should  
> point to instructions on how to find someone on IRC to ask about how to  
> get started. This means using URLs instead of vague references ("that  
> site thing") and putting in clear "here's how you tell when you are done" 
> criteria. This will also help us remember what the heck a ticket referred 
> to several years down the line.
> I'll repeat all this in a "now we have Trac!" email (which will point to  
> a wiki page asking people to do this sort of thing), but as a former QA  
> person, I couldn't resist an opportunity to advocate for good  
> ticket-writing skills. (Further suggestions welcome.)

This is spot-on in my opinion.  Actionable tickets are
self-documenting and make collaboration and contribution a snap.  Nice

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