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Re: Welcome, fellow new people!

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 8:15 PM, Mel Chua wrote:
> * Rangeen, I saw you work on FEL - does FEL need marketing?

Well I'll answer that,

yes we actually need marketing.

FEL is a robust platform for design electronic hardware and many small
companies have deployed "logic design" solution of FEL, while small
universities have deployed the analog portion of FEL for research and

>From what I noticed during LinuxtagBerlin2009, many opensource
hardware developers still don't know about FEL. I would appreciate if
you find FEL articles roaming somewhere on the internet that you tweet
it with the tags #fedora and #EDA . Corporate bloggers are following
the tags #EDA, so the more they find #fedora with #EDA the more they
will talk about #fedora as well.

I think what is missing with FEL's exposure is its presence in
wikipedia. Wikipedia has surprisely attracted corporate engineers
which are looking for alternative solutions. Can anyone step in please
and and write text about FEL into wikipedia please ?

I'll try to find time to blog about new features which we are
implementing for F-12.

As usual we need more contributors :) A dynamic todo list can be found here :

Kind regards,

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