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Re: Temporary FI platform

On 2009-08-13 12:48:14 AM, Mel Chua wrote:
> The short: It looks like zikula isn't going to make it in time for us to  
> use it as a platform for FI for the F12 cycle. Therefore, proposal:  
> Temporarily use wordpress as a quick-and-dirty FI platform for this  
> release cycle only, designing the workflow for zikula so that we have a  
> constant motivation ("argh, this workflow isn't made for this  
> software!") to drive the zikula stuff forward and migrate to it ASAP.
Are the same things that were blocking zikula for the docs team blocking
zikula for marketing?  Would it be that hard to get even an initial,
relatively blank zikula instance on servers that are not covered by the
Infrastructure change freeze and then work on polishing that?

I'm asking because this is almost making it seem like we have the
ability to easily setup and play with a wordpress instance while somehow
being unable to do this with zikula, which doesn't make all that much
sense to me (although I am totally unfamiliar with the specifics here) -
are there any specific things that are blocking marketing from working
on an initial zikula instance at the moment?


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