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AW: The Time Has Come to Say Good Bye


I wish you all the best! May the force be with you :-)
Allthough we didn't have much to do with each other, I really appreciate the work you did in the last decade!


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Betreff: The Time Has Come to Say Good Bye

It's hard to say good bye, but part we must.  When you love what you do, 
when you love the people you get to do it with, when you love the way 
you do it, there is never a good time to leave, but there is a right 
time, and for me, personally and professionally, this is that right time.

I wish to reiterate my gratitude to each and every single person, which 
I summed up in my email announcing my departure which will always be 

In parting, it's hard to convey raw emotion as, personally, words cannot 
describe how privileged I feel to have been affiliated and employed by 
Red Hat and Fedora for the better part of the last decade.  To be a part 
of Red Hat and Fedora is to be a part of the nobility; a precious 
pedigree of ideological steadfastness, technological excellence, supreme 
work ethic, and above all else, the truest, kindest and most passionate 
and compassionate people.

At the same time, it is awkw

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