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Re: Temporary FI platform

Sure, I'd be happy to help out with posting docs, testing things out,
reporting back, etc.

Thanks! Your questions are great - we don't have firm answers for them, but here's what I think they should be (as usual, whoever does the work gets the final say ;) so if you have good ideas, let's do them!

Question: are you planning on setting up pre-defined tags, buckets,
categories, etc. for the system?

Yes. There will definitely be categories, and probably tags. There's a draft list up at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight#Content_categories but this is by no means the final say.

Or have these even been determined -
or waiting to be determined based on how the workflow feels once it's
set up?

Mostly the latter. We need to talk with News (pcalarco) on what they'd like for workflow, but ultimately someone just has to Decide and Start Doing Stuff. Is that something you'd be interested in?

As long as the front-end categories/tags/URLs stay the same, we can start with a draft workflow and then adjust as needed, depending on how it feels once it's set up.

I'm happy to provide feedback there - if needed

Oh, it's needed!

How will access be defined? Will there be more of a web-based "apply
for access / permissions" thing, or will it be tied to my
fedoraproject id? And if it is the latter, is there a specific group I
should apply to to get the ball rolling?

Ideally, it'll be tied to FAS. I'm not sure how much work that will be to hook up, though - so we'll start with just "create a web-based account" until that looks like it isn't going to work much longer. (Which should be pretty soon; my personal panic-meter on this is probably going to kick in around a dozen test users or so.)

Maybe not the answers you were looking for, but that's my best shot at it at the moment. :)


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