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Mozilla Participate-week


just had this info im my mailbox and thought this could be a opportunity
to step in (e.g. olpc, education, etc.)

--- snip (auto translated from [0], [0a] )---
from14.th until 21th September the "Mozilla Participate-week" [1]takes
Here committed people, who know to have already discovered and use the
Internet for itself those help, are which Novice so to be called are.
That for example seniors can be, who do not know, how the Internet
functions, or nonprofit organizations, which want to experience, how
they can use social networks for itself.
Active ones, which want to engage themselves already now for the going
through week, can likewise do that. Mozilla looks for still translator,
proposals for new partners or aides, which recruit for the going through
week. Mozilla offers today around 18:00 a on-line Workshop for volunteer
to clock.
--- snap ---

What do you think? Maybe somebody is already in to this?!

[1]=http://mozillaservice.org/ or http://www.betterplace.org/mozilla

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
Henrik Heigl - wonderer fedoraproject org

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