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Fedora Insight Zikula Instance - please help us find a packager

Marketing folks:

We need packaging (or packager-recruiting) help. I'm going to be traveling in some way for the next 12 hours, but in that time we need to find someone to do two simple packages (it looks like they'll be extremely fast for an experienced packager, and Toshio stands ready to review them tonight whenever they are ready).

We need the two modules listed at http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/logistics/2009-August/000185.html for Fedora Insight, preferably within the next 24 hours. We need these packages in order to have RSS feeds and events blocks on the F12 deployment of FI.

Can anyone package or help find someone who can package?




We would need them earlier though, because the theming depends on the
modules. E.g. right now the theme templates I'm writing depend heavily
on the news module and the themes would have to change if we use
different modules for different widgets on the page :-/

Do we have someone who can package them tonight?  I can do a review for
licensing and bundling which would allow us to copy the package to the
Fedora Infrastructure repo until they are in Fedora and EPEL.  If we
don't even have someone who can get them packaged up then it sounds like
it's a bit late for hitting F12.


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