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Re: Fedora swag

> After taking a little bit more time I bumped into an other
> possibility; a French web-shop which had a whole wardrobe of fedora
> clothing (and yet again very limited accessories). Besides that, I
> don't know French and I couldn't discover a possibility to switch to
> English (I might have not looked good enough though).

I suppose you're talking about this:

This is the shop that we (the french Fedora NPO) have set up to sell
swag and make a little income to finance events, media production,

It seems you can't select the english language as, well... the shop is
mainly for french people :)

However, I'm not sure Spreadshirt would even deliver the products to
the Netherlands. I'll try to have more informations about that.

> I also found out that there's a Fedora Shop SIG at
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Store (referring to this
> mailinglist). Unfortunately the most recent activity seems to be
> somewhere around in 2008. Now my actual question; is this SIG still
> alive and if not, how much interest is there to reincarnate it? I'd be
> happy to assist where I can.
> The reason that I'm asking here is because the page doesn't state on
> contacting a person or other mailing-list than this one.

Now, how do we have swag to distribute at events ? The answer is
simple: we (Fedora ambassadors) produce them.

Either the Fedora Project produces a lot of them and sends some to
local Ambassadors so they can distribute them, or the local teams
produce them themselves (that's what we do in France).

As an individual, I guess your best bet to have some swag would be to
attend an event, go to the Fedora booth and chat with the Ambassadors
there, I'm sure they'll give you some :)

Or, you could also try to ressuscitate the Shop SIG... :]

Best regards,


Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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