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Re: Post FUDCon Survey

On 12/02/2009 03:25 AM, loupgaroublond gmail com wrote:
Hey List,

Has there been some thought given to doing a post FUDCon survey like
we've done in the past? I asked Mel about this, but she wasn't sure what
the status of implementing some survey software was.

If possible, i would like to be able to run a small survey (<5
questions) about Fedora Live after FUDCon so we can see where it was
most effective and where it fell flat.


So, I found https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Archive:Marketing_surveys and noted that we've used email and keysurvey in the past, neither of which sound like actual good long-term solutions to me.

I think Robyn was working on getting limesurvey up into our infrastructure, not sure what the status on that is or what remaining work needs to be done before limesurvey hits production.

One temporary solution (just for the FUDCon survey) before that goes into production would be http://www.limeservice.com, which is a free hosted limesurvey service (well, the "free" part comes with usage limitations, but I think it might work as a temporary fix). I hesitate a little at temporary fixes because they have a way of becoming permanent, but if we're vigilant about it... perhaps we go with the temp solution now, and simultaneously schedule a "get limesurvey up" hackfest at some point?

Any other thoughts?


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