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Re: Post FUDCon Live Survey

2009/12/5 Robyn Bergeron <robyn bergeron gmail com>:
I'll add these, or mix them in, with the existing question set from
previous fudcons, and post the list later today.

Mel and i just sat down and refined the list into five goals we are looking to find out. I'm looking for two critical pieces of information here. The first is a general statistic of the most common answers to each of these five questions. The second is a correlation of general information about the surveyee, (How long with Fedora, etc..) and the other answers here to see if there are futher trends we can look at. There are also a couple of questions that should be on the general 'info about this surveyee' question list.

Did they blog about their experience or create their own items on of FL (General Survey question)
Is English your native tongue? (GSQ)


how did you particicipate in fudcon live? (in person transcribing, archive reading afterwards, remote, in person reading live)

Is IRC the correct medium? Do we want Google Wave or another communication technology, in a side band? as a replacement? Gobby? Whiteboarding?

How aggresive should the marketing for Fudcon Live specifically be?

What form do we want the final logs to end up in?

did fudcon live make it possible for you to participate more or less than otherwise, and how would like to be able to participate and have fudcon live match that. Was the documentation good? (Language is a relevant metric here too)



On 12/5/09, Yaakov Nemoy <loupgaroublond gmail com> wrote:
2009/12/5  <loupgaroublond gmail com>:
Hey List,

I've been asked to put up a list of questions for Post FUDCon Survey
goodness.  I basically want to know the following, so feel free to
the questions if you know better than i:

I want to know, in no particular order:

How useful FL was to the surveyee
How many channels did they sit in at once
Did they use it from home or from FUDCon
Did they follow other feeds like video and audio
Did they follow other feeds like social media
Did they blog about their experience or create their own items on of FL
Did they participate in the channels or did they just sit and watch.
How many sessions did they follow
What timezone they are in
Did they find IRC easy to use, and easy to navigate
How long have they been using Fedora
How long have they been using Linux
How long have they been a member of the Fedora Project (if at all)
If they didn't follow the channels, how valuable are the logs after the

Most of these translate to single questions, i'm going to refine this
further, it might be useful to put this up on the wiki.

Let me add a few more:

Did you transcribe a session?
How many?
Was the documentation clear what you were supposed to do?
Did you feel like there was alot of interaction on the IRC channel?
Did you take any questions from IRC?
If so, how many?
Did you volunteer to transcribe a session?
Did the session leader openly ask for a transcriber?
How many people in your session volunteered to transcribe.
Is English your native tongue?


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