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Re: Marketing FAD 2010 - First Brainstorm

I'll add this to the wiki, but just wanted to throw this out there -

I know there is probably (a) a budget of sorts, and (b) budgets for a
lot of us who wouldn't have "corporate sponsorship" from our employer
(ie - students and such) - so while Hawaii does sound absolutely
fabulous, a ticket from Phoenix to Hawaii during that time (which is
spring break here in the US for a lot of folks, meaning travel prices
are higher) is in the $650 range, and from Boston to Hawaii is even
uglier (think more like 800).

So as much as it pains me to say it.... since it does sound
reeeeeeeallly nice...  we should probably consider something, you
know, slightly less exotic in the spirit of allowing more people to
come participate and/or saving that budget for allowing people to come
/ participate in fudcons of the future.  :)

That said: Las Vegas will have somewhat pleasant weather in March
(better than, say, Boston, I'd venture); an abundance of decently
priced hotel rooms, food options galore, conference space galore, a
lovely international airport with cheap transportation, and plenty to
do/see (even for our underage friends!).

Otherwise, I'd suggest a coastal city with a Big Airport for ease of
travel for any international friends we may have; Boston, Atlanta,
Seattle, Vancouver come to mind.

On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 3:24 PM, wonderer <wonderer4711 gmx de> wrote:
> Hy there,
> short after todays marketing meeting some came with an the idea that are
> crawling around some heads for quite a while: We want to have a
> Marketing FAD!
> Theme: Fedora Marketing - What is, what will be
> * build up our "new" marketing plan for F13 / F14 and work on that
> * work and grow our Marketing Team
> * have fun
> Here are some questions we start to work on:
> * Where do we want to have it (location)?
> * when (date) ?
> * who (attendees) ?
> * work schedule (plan) ?
> A first throw-in I would say "how about hawaii, first march week 2010,
> some hotel around".
> For all other things around we have also a wikipage [1] for filling with
> suggestions and facts.
> Please have a look, add your name to the list if you are interressted or
> already say "YES, I want to be there" because
> we must know your preferences to plan further on.
> [1] = https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_FAD_2010
> mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
> Henrik Heigl - wonderer fedoraproject org
> PGP/GnuPG: 8237 D432 0616 D567 DBC6  3FE3 0D52 B374 F468 A5F0
> --
> Fedora-marketing-list mailing list
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