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Re: Fedora Insight: Remaining items

On Tue, Dec 08, 2009 at 07:55:52PM -0500, Pascal Calarco wrote:
> Hi all --
> Simon made excellent progress on Monday resolving most of the errors
> on publictest6 for Fedora Insight.  Xinhua works nicely and I am
> able to submit, decision, and publish articles with the workflow we
> designed for FWN.
> However, we are not ready to launch yet.  We still need to cluster
> individual FWN beats into a single issue.  When I publish items,
> they aren't showing up on the interface yet, as the design needs to
> get synched with the templates that we worked on at FUDCon.  There
> are a number of design tickets open that Mo was working on.  Diana
> made good progress on some of these, and we should get the detail
> for these tickets updated, but there are a number of tickets that we
> need Mo or someone else on the design team to document and work on.
> We also did not quite get to the staging server, AFAIK.
> Perhaps we could meet on IRC sometime later this week to discuss
> further?  Thanks!

I'd suggest starting with some ticket listing as a report in the right
Tracs (probably marketing team and design).  I always recommend
putting a keyword (like Insight) into affected tickets and using that
as a search so that we can always look at the queue.

Any items that don't have a ticket yet really should have one.
Pascal, can you confirm that any the issues above have tickets?

As for a meeting time... I know that Mel Chua is way busy on Thursday
afternoon and we've moved the FUDCon planning meeting to Friday at
4:00pm.  Maybe a weekend round up would be better.  I always try to
suggest a time when posting about a meeting, so that the conversation
can move forward easier.  How does Sunday at 4:00pm Eastern (2100 UTC)
look for people?


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