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Technical communication notes from Betty Ong

Notes from Betty Ong, a student in Seneca's graduate program for technical communications, with my notes inline.

> Some Marketing Considerations
> Branding: We need consistency in the message that is communicated
> through newsletters, podcasts, etc. For example, if a bug is fixed,
> but we find later that it introduces some other problem, every
> reference to that bug fix needs to include the extra info about the
> other problem. Single-sourcing of content would be good, but maybe
> not so feasible for news. It might be good to start a writing style
> sheet that a single Fedora meaning for specific words.

I would rephrase this as "how can we make it so that the easiest way to do things reinforces a consistent message?" The idea of a brand/marketing style guide is intriguing, though I'm not sure where to go with it right now - I'm curious how this works for Docs, and for projects outside Fedora.

> Soliciting feedback from users: After a download is complete, there
> could be a message to inform new users that they can request
> additional features by following some easy process.

<insert fedora-tour here>

> Responding to news about Fedora: We can set up a feed that serves up
> everything Fedora.

<insert Fedora Insight here>

It was fascinating to see what someone's first impressions of Fedora Marketing were through those lens - how do we get more of this kind of feedback?


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