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How the Marketing F13 schedule works

Tackled this after the meeting to answer Robyn's questions about the F13 schedule, which I'll also address directly inline on that thread in a moment.

Braindump hopefully worth reading (but which will make it out to a more coherent blog post shortly, so don't worry about catching it now if you're busy) is at http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-mktg/2009-12-22/fedora-mktg.2009-12-22-20.49.html, also available at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_meetings#2009.

Meeting summary
  (mchua, 20:50:22)

* How the F13 marketing schedule works  (mchua, 20:57:23)
  * Alpha (pre-March-2nd): focus on infrastructure  (mchua, 20:59:02)
  * example: F12 retrospective, F13 schedule, FAD planning, join
    process, SOPs, software tools (limesurvey, zikula, fedora-tour)
    (mchua, 21:01:15)
  * Beta (March 3rd - April 6th): focus on deliverables  (mchua,
  * talking points, slogan, feature profiles, one-page release notes,
    screenshots library, briefing Ambassadors  (mchua, 21:09:18)
  * other activities: FAD happens during this time, marketing research
    ongoing, Fedora Insight publishing materials, Desktop team liasons,
    gear up for PR (press release, press conference) if we have
    bandwidth.  (mchua, 21:10:18)
  * GA (April 7th - May 11th): focus on PR, center-of-excellence for
    increasing contributions  (mchua, 21:33:38)
  * examples: interfacing with press, press conference, helping other
    teams make their marketing deliverables, partnering with Classroom
    to make on-boarding training opportunities for other teams, Join
    process consulting, getting-started marketing via Insight for other
    teams, etc  (mchua, 21:34:22)

* F13 schedule questions  (mchua, 21:35:20)
  * LINK:

    (mchua, 21:35:54)
  * ACTION: tasks 13 and 15 refer to a deprecated deliverable we don't
    do any more (one-page release notes have replaced the tour) and
    should be deleted.  (mchua, 21:43:23)
  * ACTION: add a "brief ambassadors" item for 3/30-4/6  (mchua,
  * ACTION: when updating SOPs, note on Tours page that Tours has been
    replaced by one-page release notes  (mchua, 21:46:25)

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