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$foobar update

Damn, I thought I'd sent this earlier but it didn't make it to list
'cos I used the wrong email address!! After seeing the meeting logs,
it seems like a) it's rubbish that I couldn't be there, and that b)
ianweller has picked up some jobs Jack asked me to do while he was
away Re: foobar. If he's happy, that's fine by me, but just to say
that I'm certainly going to be in attendance at the Zikula meetings
etc so can help out as needed,


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jonathan Roberts <jonrob one googlemail com>
Date: 2009/7/7
Subject: $foobar update
To: For discussions about marketing and expanding the Fedora user base
<fedora-marketing-list redhat com>

I can't make the meeting tonight, so I thought I better throw this out
there now so that if the topic is reached, I won't be holding back

I've e-mailed the news list, and Pascal replied so positively that
I've copied his reply in below:


Hi Jon and all --

Its good to see that there is some traction with getting wordpress-mu
going again for FWN and other content.  I just read the Fedora
Marketing meeting log, and count me in to help with work on this.  The
most obvious benefit we'll get is a graphical branded presence, and
then syndication as well.

I am not sure in this new format the extent to which the name Fedora
Weekly News needs to be retained.  In a sense the entire effort is
going to be news on the project, right?  OTOH, FWN does have name
recognition, and it might help to identify sections of the site, since
there are going to be content from all across the project.

Most of the current sections of FWN will find sections of their own in
the new format, I'd think.  Certainly Ambassadors, Planet, Art/Design,
Translation, Development.  Dale's virtualization beat is a creation
unto itself, covering several different areas.  We'll hopefully be
able to get content from other areas that aren't even represented.

I think we should use this opportunity to fully commit FWN to this
larger effort.  News will gain a lot from a branded presence and we
can all contribute to a larger goal.

Perhaps the place to start is simply going through and determining
what sections make sense in the new site, and where FWN could
contribute content to these areas?


My suggestion was that we should move forward by trying to arrange a
joint meeting between all effected and involved... so I'm thinking
news, marketing, infrastructure and docs.... anybody I've missed?

Ian, have you had a reply from the infra people yet about their side
of things? Tomorrow evening there's a Zikula meeting that I'll be
attending, and so we can consider that as a possibility on the infra
side as well.

I think it might be best to move these discussions out of the
marketing list and onto the new logistics list at some point in the
near future... at least partially.

Hope this is helpful, and bon chance with this evenings meeting,


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