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Re: foobar rawhide weather report

2009/7/14 Máirín Duffy <duffy fedoraproject org>:
> The idea was basically we'd keep track of how broken rawhide was on a
> given day and report that as a parody of a weather report. I don't know
> if something like that would be useful, but if so, I think it should
> factor into the requirements.

Useful? that I can't say. But humorous and personable...yes.

Just to play devil's advocate you could also play around with a forest
fire danger level theme.

"Only you can prevent Rawhide Breakage"

But the rawhide postcasting (thats the opposite of forecasting right?)
report probably probably has a better website feel to it.

-jef"I look forward to being able to build predictive models based on
historical rawhide weather data and actually predict tomorrow's
rawhide weather."spaleta

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