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Re: foobar rawhide weather report

2009/7/14 Máirín Duffy <duffy fedoraproject org>:
The idea was basically we'd keep track of how broken rawhide was on a
given day and report that as a parody of a weather report. I don't know
if something like that would be useful, but if so, I think it should
factor into the requirements.

Totally. Love. This. Idea. Whenever I see the mockup I look at the forecast and start laughing. Added to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FooBar#Design_requirements.

This actually makes a nice use case / litmus test for how easy it is to get little custom tweaks into our platform choice, 'cause it's pretty tough to distinguish them otherwise (going off our current requirements list and comparing it to the platforms listed on the wiki page, without looking at other important things like "how responsive is upstream"?) Any zikula experts in the audience who can chime in and say "yeah, zikula can do that, and it's this hard/easy"?

My $0.02: for sanity, nifty features like this should be automated as much as possible - autogenerate the forecast based on buildbot, say.


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