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Re: Self-Introduction: Martin Duffy

2009/7/14 Martin Duffy <duffym gmail com>:
> Hi everyone!
> My name is Martin, I'm from upstate New York, and my sister Mairin
> works for Red Hat and has gotten me into Fedora and open source
> software in general over the past few years. I finished grad school
> about a year ago studying English/writing, and currently I'm
> volunteering in an Americorps program with the Red Cross as my day
> job. I'm hoping to contribute to Fedora marketing by writing copy,
> blogs, any kind of media content (podcasts, video, etc.),

Hey, and welcome :) As someone who has copy writing experience, you
might be interested in helping out with the production of a glossy
"one page" release note. You can find out more in this thread:


Of course, if that doesn't take your fancy, keep an eye on the list
and meetings, and I'm sure something you want to help up with will pop
up soon :)



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