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Websites + Marketing schedules: synced!

Websites and Marketing folks: just a heads-up so you know the stuff that the two groups will be working on together for this release cycle - Ricky and I just froze the milestone dates for things the two teams will be collaborating on (our version is at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule). Here are the relevant parts for y'all on what Marketing is going to deliver for Websites...

Final release slogan is ready for websites/design 2009-09-17 Marketing creates this, influenced by the Design themes/wallpaper/etc. for the release. The slogan then (circularly?) affects the Design team's release button/banner for the website. Need to make sure this lines up with Design and Website's dates. This date is a start date; the end date needs to be set in conjunction with Design.

All desired website changes taken to websites team 2009-09-15 The Websites team has a 09/29 feature freeze, so we need to make sure any features/changes we want (text, images, page restructuring, etc...) have been approved by them by that date. This means that two weeks prior, Marketing should know exactly what changes we'd like to see on the websites, that all those changes should be tickets filed in the Website team's Trac, and that each change should have a Marketing delegate working on it from within the Websites team.

(For Marketing's reference...)
Groups we (Marketing) have synced with: Websites, Design
Groups left to sync with: Docs, Ambassadors, News

...that is all. Thanks for your time!


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