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Re: Slogan for F11

I wanted to add:
	Freedom continues.

However ... I am not able to log into the slogan page. Maybe I don't have the right role or som'n.

If someone can help me figure out how to log in to:

as username = mthompso
 ... then I can add there.

Freedom continues over time (comparing ancient times to now), and freedom is one of the key words, and I can imagine that the artwork is free (open spaces, etc.) and continues (the mountains, sky, etc. don't just end after the artwork; they themselves continue ... one could imagine).

	BONUS possibility:
If we 'animated' the slogan Freedom continues. Then the F is in Fedora, 1 is in the 'd' in freedom and the other 1 is in the 't' in continues.

	F      1            1
	Freedom Continues

... of course, that's if you wanted to 'transform' F11 into the slogan.

Happy to add to the page! Just lookin' for a nudge on how.


Jack Aboutboul wrote:
We have some pretty good ones, so far. Anyone else have anything? I'm hoping we can discuss these tomorrow at the meeting.


Paul W. Frields wrote:
On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 04:31:57PM -0400, Jack Aboutboul wrote:
The slogan really is the all-encompassing message for the release so we need to put our thinking caps on. I'm sure Paul, et. al. will offer some guidance, but otherwise, show me what you got.

I put a really bad example in the page just so it wouldn't look so
empty.  I also added some themes.  Historically, we've used a slogan
that complements the artistic theme of the release.  I don't see any
reason not to do that again.  I've put in a candidate to kick things
off.  Add your thoughts to the page:


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