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Re: in-depth look at F11 features

Hey Guys,

I finished the print part of the KMS feature and I picked up another one, the virt console improvements. Someone should pick up the volume control one, its fairly easy. Anyway want to try?


Max Spevack wrote:
Hi list,

Please take a look at this page:


The purpose of this page is to take an in-depth look at particular features in the Fedora 11 release. The page offers several suggestions of how that might be done.

The F11 marketing schedule has us working on these between now and late-April, in preparation for the F11 Preview Release.

We're looking for people to take ownership of particular features on the list, and drive it to completion, working with the Marketing team, but having a single owner accountable for the end result.

Please take a look, sign up if you are interested, and start coming to the weekly Marketing meetings where we will discuss.


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