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[Fwd: Re: didn't see "md5 mismatch" error on today's Rawhide noarch packages]

FYI, Marketing team, re: the XZ (smaller packages) feature.  One of
the big lingering issues was that the XZ libraries used by the
yum-presto/deltaRPM feature would fail to rebuild .noarch
(architecture-independent) RPM packages that were identical to the
original when checksummed.  Therefore, any .noarch package would fail
the rebuild test and the original, full package would be downloaded
anyway.  (Binary architecture-dependent packages, like *.i686.rpm and
*.x86_64.rpm, worked fine -- the majority of packages.)

That's been fixed, meaning this feature works even better now for F12
than a month ago.


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Subject: Re: didn't see "md5 mismatch" error on today's Rawhide noarch
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On 10/07/2009 07:25 AM, Andre Robatino wrote:
> There was at least one noarch package in today's Rawhide updates, and I
> didn't see the usual "md5 mismatch" error when rebuilding the RPMs.
> Does this mean that they are now being built on a little endian arch
> (probably Intel), and if so, will this be done consistently from now on?
>  (At least until xz is changed to generate the same compressed output on
> big endian.)

XZ upstream was informed of this problem and we have now inherited the


Wed Oct 07 2009 Jindrich Novy
- update to 4.999.9beta
- sync with upstream to generate the same archives on machines with


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