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Re: New blog post

Pamela Chestek wrote:
Colby Hoke wrote on 10/08/2009 10:28 AM:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
On 10/08/2009 12:40 AM, Colby Hoke wrote:.
For example, there was a remix of the Truth Happens video that was put
in with some very questionable material. It was offensive. Due to the
copyright (back then we used copyright), we were able to go after that
video and, I assume, have it taken it down.

If you allow people to create remixes, they will create some bad remixes but so what?
I agree.
I know of exactly one example of such a thing tnat that is
one you are citing here, in how many years of Red Hat putting out videos like this?
 The example also shows that people who actually go about
creating such bad remixes don't have a damn about copyright or
They just will do it and I am pretty sure I can find a copy
of that video regardless of what Red Hat does at this point.

I've no doubt you can.
Look at this this way:  Red Hat releases tens of thousands of lines of
code and content (such as documentation or even fonts) under various
free and open source licenses. It is possible and even likely that
someone will add a bad patch to what Red Hat has released or even fork
it on occasions. It doesn't negate the benefits at all.

Well this can go on all day long. You're preaching to the choir.

As I've said, time and time again, I agree. I absolutely agree. I've been talking to our legal department and we'll have something figured out very soon regarding this. All I'm trying to say is: this is how it is right now. We've made good progress and I'm just trying to explain why it's this way. I'm not trying to defend it or attack it.

That said, I hope we can figure out a way to do this!

Okay, we heard (thanks Rahul and Colby). Going forward, Red Hat videos will provide contact information for permissions, so people who want to use our videos in ways other than what the current CC licensing allows will know who to ask. For now, if you're interested in doing translations of Paul's stunning Stanislavskian performance illustrating the development path of software (or using it in some other way - the devil is whispering on my shoulder), write to messer redhat com
Pam Chestek
Sr. IP Attorney
"They sure keep me on my toes."
Hey everybody, I'd love to hear some feedback on this and we'll make announcements through Paul for videos relating to Fedora where we're granting extra rights. (Or you'll be able to look at the end of the video and know.)

We're doing it as a test coming up and, hopefully, it will expand depending on interest and approval.

So, we're going to be setting up an email address where these requests can go. Mike Esser or I will make the announcement when that's up. I know Mike's taking a pounding right now in email from this, so I ask that you be kind in your emailing and feel free to CC me on them as well. I'm here to help Mike out on the load and am also here to answer any questions.

So, sorry about all the email, Mike!

Feel free to direct comments to me directly, if you like. Just trying to make my project manager's life a little easier!

Thanks everyone for the interest and I hope you see this as a step in the right direction- I know I certainly do! Also, I want to thank Pam for all her work in figuring out how we can do this. Thanks everyone!


Colby A. Hoke

[ Producer ]
Brand Communications + Design
Raleigh, NC

choke redhat com
P: 919.621.8802

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