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Re: Discussion: messaging index

A few words about point 4, how I monitor news at Sugar Labs

No automagical system - I prefer "very light" - just persistent
monitoring with tools, and judicious sharing of interesting links to
the SL marketing list; I try to tag list messages with searchable
terms. When I need to find messages, I use keywords plus
"site:sugarlabs.org" Google syntax

And certainly not just me working, either - other marketing team
members mail me or mail the list; most such caught articles are
interesting. better to spend 30 seconds on a basic article (or false
positive googled fake blog) than to miss an interesting article

keywords are everything - asky myself how will people try to google you?
"sugar labs"
"sugar on a stick"
"one laptop per child"

tools sites:
* Google news alerts
* Google blog alerts
* Technorati blog searches
* Smart news aggregator Newssift (http://www.newssift.com)
* Smart news aggregator Daylife (http://www.daylife.com)
* Lurking in forums where people discuss Sugar
* Paying close attention to what commenters say under articles about
OLPC and Sugar Labs
* Occasionally, other exotic sources such as Media Cloud

If serious error in article, direct mail to journalist/blogger
offering corrected information and how to contact; if no update or
reply by journalist, sometimes comment under article, sometimes not -
case-by-case basis

No nitpicking over minor errors if angle/tone of article positive

Any journalist/blogger writing about SL/OLPC added to PR mailing list

I hope this is helpful


On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 4:17 PM, Mel Chua <mel redhat com> wrote:
> The idea of a Fedora Messaging Index came up in conversation, and I thought
> the resulting email was one that should get forwarded out to this list.
> A messaging index is like an extended version of talking points - how do we
> explain these things, what points should we keep in mind to bring up, how do
> we respond to questions like X - it's not a script to read from, nor is it a
> THOU MUST CHECK THIS!!! imperative (we won't run rpmlint-presentation on
> your slides) but it's meant to be a helpful resource that's available for
> folks who're figuring out their "Spread Fedora!" plans, as both a framework
> as to what sorts of things one might think about, and as a library to grab
> snips on.
> ---
> ...this is something I'd like to think about at FUDCon, because I want to
> take the Tuesday immediately after FUDCon as our
> everyone-online-let's-plan-our-F13-work time (and use spare moments during
> hackfests to get folks thinking about this).
> My initial thoughts are that a messaging index might not be the right place
> to start out, since a messaging index should (afaict) be writing down the
> stuff you're already saying, and so first we need to figure out what the
> folks who are speaking are saying.
> I'm starting to think about a list of tools I think (but do not know for
> sure) would make life easier for The Next Marketing Lead, who should be A
> Marketer and should not also have to be An Engineer. I think that getting
> those tools up and running might be the best thing I can do while I'm
> standing in these shoes. (In addition to release deliverables, I mean.) FI
> has given us a taste of what an effort like this looks like, and how to get
> better at doing it. (I know I've learned a lot.)
> This is what I can think of and the order I would do them in. This list is
> probably missing things; it's just off the top of my head.
> 1. location for publishing materials, incl. FWN (Fedora Insight)
> 2. survey (Robyn is working with infrastructure to get limesurvey up so we
> can do marketing research)
> 3. event/presentation materials library (a place for people to publish and
> find their slides, share signage, etc - work with Design for this, possibly
> as part of a speaker registration/search thing like http://geekspeakr.org)
> 4. automagical "track what people have been writing about Fedora, and
> responses the community has made!" dashboard... I am not sure what this
> looks like, and wonder how Sean does it at Sugar Labs. (Google Alerts?) I
> wonder if there is an open source version we can hook up.)
> I think that once #3 is up and things start going on there, a messaging
> index will almost write itself; once the People Presenting About Fedora have
> a common place to share things, the things our presentations say in common
> (or should say in common) will quickly become apparent.
> ---
> Nothing super actionable or urgent now (though if someone wants to pick up
> this project and run with it, go for it!) but it's a conversation that was
> marketing-related and so it should get forwarded out to this list. ;)
> --Mel
> --
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> Fedora-marketing-list redhat com
> https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-marketing-list

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