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Fedora Magazine: notes

David Nalley brought out a convo to public IRC today (it's bounced around a bit in private email, I found out about it last night, and we agreed there wasn't any reason not to have this convo on a public list/channel, so here we go).

We logged our IRC conversation (w00t transparency - I'm trying to make logging important IRC convos and summarizing them to the list a cultural norm here).


* Linux Pro Magazine (via the awesome Rikki Kite) can print a special Fedora issue. * This would cost us money (on the order of magnitude of $10k, though we can recoup that if people pay for issues) * This would ideally look like "Fedora Insight: The Print Version" (we'd want the content to be community-contributed rather than hiring outside writers, because Fedora already has awesome writers) * If we want it for F12, we have to decide by the end of this week and somebody has to step up to lead/drive/edit/etc. this project (a somewhat monumental task) * We can do this for a later release too, there's nothing particularly special about right now * Right now, unless a miracle happens and somebody *really* wants to do this, we do not have the bandwidth to do it well for F12, but it would be awesome to do it for a later release, so we should talk with Rikki to see what the timing for an F13 or F14 print issue would look like.

And that's where things stand right now. Comments and thoughts welcome, as always.

The full log is at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_meetings#2009, or go directly to the log here: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-mktg/2009-09-02/fedora-mktg.2009-09-02-13.55.log.html

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