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Re: Fedora Magazine: notes

This just in, from #fedora-marketing!

Short version:

Karsten: If Fedora Marketing doesn't have bandwidth to drive an F12 print magazine, perhaps RHT Brand could chip in manpower/funding/resources-in-general to increase Fedora Marketing's bandwidth enough to get an F12 magazine to happen. Mel: As long as it's owned by the Fedora community and supported by RHT instead of vice versa, that'd rock! David: We probably have flexibility on the deadline, and should tell Rikki that this might become a possibility.
Max: I will ask Brand!

Long version:

<quaid> mchua: I'm wondering ... I know this is crazy ... and we sadly can't get commitment this week ..
<quaid> mchua: if the Brand team at RHT would like to help
<quaid> we could really use one of their project managers, for example
<quaid> and some of the writers; I'd love to see Bascha write something, for example.
<quaid> IMO, it could fit in with some of their existing campaigns.
<quaid> and it's a nice space filler while they let RHEL 6 bake.
<quaid> here, greg and max would have the best guess on if those folks might like/dislike.
<quaid> if the budget is US$10K, right, that is potentially doable.
<quaid> (yes, you learn to separate your sense of personal budget from business budget; I spend for other people what I would never spend for myself>)
* mchua needs to acquire this magical skill.
<mchua> quaid: argh, timing of Summit...
* neverho0d has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
<mchua> quaid, ke4qqq: do you have any idea how hard and fast the end-of-week deadline is? <mchua> quaid: do you think RHT Brand would be willing to put somebody's time into driving this project (give them "Fedora contributor time" to do it)? <mchua> quaid: 'cause even if Brand helps out, that still leaves an empty driver's seat, unless enough help materializes that the driver's seat duties are uberlight <mchua> quaid: 'cause I'd also want to make sure it's a Fedora Thing supported by RHT, not a RHT thing that happens to mention Fedora in a lot of places <mchua> (the ties and the collaboration should be close and strong, but ownership should ultimately come down on the Fedora community side, in my mind.) * mchua thinking out loud, and welcomes counteropinions slammed against these thoughts.
<mchua> (They're not particularly well-formed.)
<ke4qqq> mchua: so perhaps if brand provides the necessary resources (mainly pm stuff and budget) maybe we tell rikki that <ke4qqq> I get the feeling that it's not hard (given the fact of how they have let me slip with this.
<ke4qqq> I am about to disappear into a meeting for a bit
<mchua> ke4qqq: well, we should run it by brand before we tell rikki "yay brand!" but I think it's definitely an idea worth exploring
* mchua waves to ke4qqq, have a good meeting!
<ke4qqq> yeah - not committing on their part
<ke4qqq> at the same time, I don't think there is harm in updating status with rikki <ke4qqq> +1 for this being a fedora thing supported by RHT and not vice versa <quaid> right, let Rikki know that we have some ideas that we need another week to fix <quaid> I think, of all people, Brand would understand the value of having it Fedora forward <mchua> quaid: who in Brand to ping on this? or is this a "gregdek and spevack should ping brand, so let's ping Greg and Max" thing? * mchua winces a little at the tight timeline; we're already racing the clock to get FI in, and I'll probably feel a lot better about this once the module packaging issues are all worked out for that <mchua> (and able to take on more "will we make it? will we maaaake it?" risk) <mchua> then again, 'risk aversion' is not an adjective that usually applies to me...
* spevack reads backward
* quaid busy, back in a moment
<spevack> mchua: what's the bottom line here?
<mchua> spevack: Linux Pro Magazine can do a Fedora Magazine print version for us (think FI content on paper) for the F12 release for ~$10k, but we need to decide yes/no on F12 soon (this week, or next, no hard deadline per se) <mchua> spevack: I originally said "our F12 plate is full, let's do this for F(later-version)" and then quaid brought up the idea of asking RHT Brand if they'd like to fund and drive it instead
* spevack will get in touch with cgrams ASAP and have a conversation
<spevack> and report back
<mchua> spevack: Ok. Do you need any more info? I'm going to paste this log to the mktg list as well, but https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-marketing-list/2009-July/msg00140.html may be helpful
<mchua> when you're talking with cgrams.

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