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Re: Save time on downloads with delta RPMs in Fedora 11

On 09/06/2009 04:58 AM, Andrew Jamison wrote:
> OpenSUSE created the deltarpm? I did not know that! Thanks for that
> small but very important tidbit of information Paul!

Novell developer Michael Schroeder wrote deltarpm long back. Jonathan
Dieter, a Fedora Project volunteer was doing something similar with
yum-presto (which itself had been earlier initiated by another
developer) when I pointed out that Novell had done work on it with
deltarpm and he adopted it for yum-presto.

Seth Vidal, Luke Macken and others in Fedora infrastructure did the work
to integrate delta rpm generation with Bodhi and createrepo. Novell did
some work to unify the metadata for delta rpms


That's more of the background story.


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