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Re: Fedora print magazine proposal from Linux Pro Magazine

On Fri, 4 Sep 2009, Max Spevack wrote:

(1) Nothing has been decided yet -- as a collective, we need to think about the ideas presented by LPM, as well as the timeline that we would have to operate under, the content that we would need to produce, etc.

After reading up on the various threads over the weekend, and discussing with Mel, Paul, and folks in the Fedora Marketing meeting today, we decided that FOR THE TIME BEING, we are going to pass on this opportunity.

There are several reasons why, which I discussed during today's Fedora Marketing meeting.

For those who would like to read that over, please see here, starting at 20:39:27 in the log.


As always, any comments are welcome. I really like the way this entire idea was discussed, considered, etc. in (what I consider) a very public and transparent way.


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