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F12 talking points are out!

The F12 talking points have been released, and are ready for use (and improvement!) Many thanks to Steven Moix, Paul Frields, and Jon Roberts for their hard work.

Talking points (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Talking_points) are key features of the new release that we want to point out. There are different types of talking points for different types of people: users, developers, sysadmins, and more. They are meant to answer the question "so what cool stuff is in the latest release of Fedora?"

Reading the talking points should get someone who's *not* necessarily already a member of the Fedora community excited. (This is something that I think the talking points could still use some help with; which ones are unclear? Which ones don't get you as excited yet?) Please take a look at the talking points and think about how you'd like to use them for F12 outreach - and if you can think of a better way of phrasing something, or think something should be improved, please let us know (or use the wiki and just make the change yourself).

Ambassadors in particular: how can we turn these talking points into marketing materials that will help you spread the word?


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