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[Fedora-music-list] about the Fedora Studio idea

I had posted on fedora-devel mailing list about this idea a while ago,
but the discussion didn't last long:

In short, currently all our audio/video players/editors are cluttering
the Multimedia group of the desktop menu. Since players and editors
are very different in nature and Audio/Video creation software have
their own target audience, I am proposing to list them under a
different group in the desktop menu. This way both type of
applications will become more accessible.

I am primarily interested in Audio Creation software and currently we
have enough packages to have our own group:

To achieve this we will need to modify the desktop files of our
packages to add some category which will be picked up by the menu
applets and place them in the Audio Creation group.

I am planning to make a new feature draft page on Fedora wiki in the
near future and present it to FESCo so that we can have a Fedora
Studio by F-12. There are a few choices we need to make along the way:

- Should we include Video creation applications in this group too?
- What shall we call the group in the menu? Studio, Audio Creation,
A/V Creation...?
- What desktop file category(ies) shall we use? The standard
categories we can use are Midi, Mixer, Sequencer, Tuner,
AudioVideoEditing. We can also use some artificial category such as
X-Studio, X-AudioCreation, ... Note that when a desktop file contains
AudioVideo the application goes to the Multimedia group.

Who would want to participate in this project? Please share your
comments, opinions, ...


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