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Re: [Fedora-music-list] about the Fedora Studio idea

Hello folks,
I updated the wiki page. Based on the feedback I got (especially
David's opinions were quite inspiring) and stealing some ideas from
planetccrma-menu package, I came up with this outline:

Note that this is by no means the final draft. Fell free to comment
about it or even edit it yourself. Once (and if) we arrive at a
general agreement here, I will bring the proposal into FESCo's

One thing you will notice in my categorization is: I didn't put any
player in a subcategory. I thought that the players are the most
commonly used application type and putting them directly in the
Multimedia (Sound&Video in Gnome) group will make them easier to find.
Let me know if you don't agree with me on this or on anything else.


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