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[fedora-my] Free Media Program

I think Fedora India Media Program is a good example..

-> If you are ready to provide your own CD/DVD, please refer to Local
Contacts . You can bring the CD/DVD and get it burned.

-> If your request is not accepted or is delayed for long (there can
be many reasons like non availability of resources...) you can opt to
send a blank media with return envelop, this will help us fulfill your
request faster (this way you can get Fedora in as short as the round
trip of the media sent.).

Local contact is a person/ambassador where people can meet face to
face.. i.e we have ambasaddor at UTP so i think people at UTP/around
utp can meet him to get fedora copy as long they bring their on

Mohd Syafarul Razi

Fedora Project @ https://fedoraproject.org
Fedora Malaysia @ http://fedora.foss.org.my

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