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[fedora-my] [events] Saito College Visit


Today me, Selpiso and Kamarul managed to visit Saito college to see for ourselves the venue for our launch party. Saito college is kind enough to offer the Fedora Malaysia team the venue for our inaugural launch party which will be on the 4th of July 2009. The College is located at Petaling Jaya, really close to the MBPJ Tower and just besides the famous Strawberry Fields restaurant. The nearest Putra station will be Taman Jaya and the walking distance should be around 500 meter (didnt test yet though..).

The college had just renovated itself from the old Saito College just opposite the new location. It is home to multiple courses among others are design, security management and IT. The owner is the currently also the owner of Securicor (the armored car company). The IT School is interested to Fedora due to the demand from the student, branding and also value add to their students. I met with the college consultant, Dean / Head of IT school and 2 lecturers to discuss the matters with them. Some of the pictures are below (not good quality / angle. /me not adliazaddin with great camera).


Our basic needs which are Internet, plugs and air conditioning is / will be taken care of by them. We can use their brand new hall downstairs for the party and the room should accommodate around 80+ pax. For the food, the college is trying to arrange them, but my idea upon visiting them is that we can just lepak downstairs at the Strawberry Fields and have our own lunch. Logistics part should be straight forward and suggest to put the google map on our wiki page later on.

The second part is the content. It is suggested by the college to put out an introduction about FOSS ecosystem, why it is born, what is fedora, and how fedora works in the entire ecosystem etc so that the student will have and appreciate what is FOSS is all about. As the current uptake among the students are currently very low, also suggested to put some basic and fun content about Fedora (e.g. Fedora Music Server, Web, simple virtualization, cool software etc) to generate the excitement among the students. Also suggest that Yondie (if he is available) to talk about security as some of their courses over in Saito is about that subject matter. In the artwork matter, Apogee can show some of his kung-fu with regards to GIMP and Inkscape to the art student.

Lastly about what we need. I would love to suggest that we came out with the posters (A4) printable around the college to generate the excitement. Also banners for the event to show out at the college and some picture taking later. On the part of the CDs I think sniffit is doing something about it and will report later, but suggest to have some big stack of it to giveaway to the students with the right packaging. For the goodies / momentos / lanyards, would like to have some support from Red Hat Malaysia to assist on that (by copy Kennie, can you do something about it?).

I open for discussion.
.: war|ola :.
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