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[fedora-my] [events] CD Label printing

OK here's the scoop on the CD Labels.

1) Printers don't hand out quotes based on quantities, they hand out how much it costs based on:-
      a) printing material
      b) artwork printed (e.g. colors and stuff)
So if we want to effectively compare prices, the comparison would have to be based on the quality of the print (does the color match the design), material printed on and total cost. So far I have managed to get hold of 4 possible printers that can do the job. To compare them, I can request a sample print from all 4 (this may take up to 2 days).

2) Printers don't like short deadlines. Due to the need to typeset the artwork, prepare the print blocks etc etc I recommend that the artwork be sent to the printer within 7 working days before the event, at minimum 5 days. We will also may have to be ready to cut the labels ourselves.

3) Cost. The better the print the more it costs. So judging on the quantities alone, the cost might be substantially big since the printer deals with a really small amount of printed matter required. Cheaper if done in bulk(e.g 1000 or more) but then I can not give a price quote from the printers themselves as of yet.

An alternative solution is to take a walk around Jalan Pasar, KL. From what I heard from some guys in the A&D faculty UiTM Shah Alam, those printers come in dirt cheap, but the quality may vary. Another place they mentioned is Printgate in Sunway, decent to high quality prints, may give discounts on bulk printing.

Regardless of how we proceed, a decision must be made on:-
a) how much are we willing to spend on the labels (cost ceiling)
b) payment and collection methods

Please respond to the thread with your thoughts as I am preparing to print a set of prints for the printers to refer to for cost estimation.


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