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[fedora-my] List of Items still pending

Salam and Greetings All,

As far as our event is concerned, most of the items is ready. However some of the items is still pending without any solution in sight.

I already updated the wiki for our event and all the latest updates - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/MalaysianTeam/Events/F11_Release_KL

So pls check and volunteer yourself there.

Some priority checklists:-
  1. DVD Fedora 11 Giveaways - still unresolve. Need someone to handle this. As Red Hat APAC will be giving the F11 CDs, I dont think we need to print anything on these DVDs. Simple Blank DVD will do. I have the image for the burning process. Pls volunteer.
  2. Fedora College Ambassadors - Sorry for not bringing this early, slip my mind I guess. The college needs some assistance for the Fedora College Ambassador Programme and I think Izhar is the right person to handle it. Izhar, can you?
  3. Speaker - Need speaker for the topic "Whats New in Fedora 11" and "FOSS Artwork". Also one guy to be the MC. Suggest Adli Azaddin for the "Whats New" and Apogee or Haresh for the "FOSS Artwork". Reply soon and pls volunteer yourself.
  4. Banner - We still need banner to be hang in front of the college a few days before the event. I just email Red Hat APAC if they can do anything about it, but I need backup plan. Anyone knows some contact for the Banner printing ? Need some price so that we can search for the fund / reimbursement. Eric / Black / Zul can you pick this responsibility?
  5. Press - Yeah the College needs some press coverage to show their branding / marketing etc. Anyone can take this responsibility?
Pls add if I miss anything here.
The success of this event is fully depends on us doing our best and our teamwork and collaboration getting the job done. Lets show the world Malaysia and Fedora BOLEH!! Raise your hand to help.

.: war|ola :.
Use Fedora Linux for better computing experience

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