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Re: MLDonkey requirements

Peter Lemenkov wrote:
Hello All.
Any news about updating ocaml to 3.10.x and lablgtk to 2.10 ver.?
Right now we have only one suitable distro - devel. F8 has ocaml
3.10.x, but lablgtk 2.6.x. All other branches have ocaml 3.09, which
is unacceptable for MLDonkey.

Since mldonkey is an ocaml killer-app I strongly vote for upgrading
these two titles in every existed branch - in F8, F7, FC6, EL5, EL4.

So I gather that mldonkey does work for you in devel with ocaml 3.10 & lablgtk 2.10.0 (http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=229597)? If so then sure we can backport lablgtk 2.10 to F8.

I'm dubious about backporting ocaml 3.10 & lablgtk 2.10 to earlier releases (<= F7 and <= EL5) since that requires recompiling everything -- huge pain in the neck and adds massive incompatibilities for anyone using third-party software. On the other hand I don't mind adding an old version of mldonkey to those versions, if you can find an old version which is compatible with OCaml 3.09 etc.

I notice that there's no version of mldonkey in Fedora at the moment. Or at least that's what our slow & unusable package website is telling me at the moment...

Let me know anyway. For new packages, it's best to add a bug to http://bugzilla.redhat.com. Make sure it has 'ocaml' somewhere in the subject line and assign it to yourself (if you want to package it) or me if you like.


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