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Does anybody plan to package Frama-C?

I just found it and it looks pretty useful:


>From the README:

Frama-C is a suite of tools dedicated to the analysis of the source
code of software written in C.
If you have a C program and need to
    * validate it formally
    * look for potential runtime errors
    * audit or review it
    * reverse engineer it to understand its structure
    * generate formal documentation
One or more of the following Frama-C tools may be of assistance to you:
    * A parser, a type checker and source level linker for C code
optionally annotated with ACSL formulas.
    * A set of builtin static analysis plugins:
          o A runtime error detection plug-in based on abstract
interpretation techniques
          o A dependencies computation plug-in
          o An interactive value analysis plug-in
          o A Use/Defs computation plug-in
          o A slicing plug-in
          o A weakest precondition calculus plug-in based on Floyd-Hoare logic

With best regards!

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