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Re: OCaml/ppc64

David got it building in the end, and I've rebuilt all of the OCaml
packages in Rawhide (again ... and on the same day that OCaml 3.10.2
was released as well ...)

They all build without error on ppc64 but that doesn't necessarily
mean they will run.  Just building them exercises the bytecode
interpreter (written in C) and if we're lucky ocamlc.opt and
ocamlopt.opt and on a rare few packages some tests.  If someone can
lay their hands on a ppc64 machine they can try them out.

On the other hand it was a good enough excuse to finally get rid of
'ExcludeArch: ppc64' everywhere.


Richard Jones, Emerging Technologies, Red Hat  http://et.redhat.com/~rjones
virt-top is 'top' for virtual machines.  Tiny program with many
powerful monitoring features, net stats, disk stats, logging, etc.

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