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Re: Heads up: OCaml 3.11.0 rebuild for Fedora 11

The complete rebuild went surprisingly well.  Out of 48 packages named
'ocaml*', these are the 9 packages which _failed_ to build on my local
(x86-64) machine:

  ocaml-type-conv   camlp4 problem, already fixed upstream
  ocaml-gsl         strange problem in String.index_from function
  ocaml-gettext        "
  ocaml-pxp            "
  ocaml-cil         some sort of build system problem
  ocaml-omake       undefined reference to caml_sync
  ocaml-pa-monad    tighter module naming restrictions in 3.11 breaks this
  ocaml-sexplib     requires ocaml-type-conv, see above
  ocaml-bitstring   requires ocaml-cil, also has a known camlp4 problem


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