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Thank You !

I just wanted to say thank you.

I'm a Mac user actually. However at work, my workstation has Fedora.

My experience doing OCaml development on each platforms has been pretty different. Getting ocaml packages to install on the mac has been night and day compared to fedora. On the mac I use MacPorts/fink/ compile-by-hand. It's a huge pain.

GODI is great. It doesn't integrate with non-ocaml software though. This leads to problems.

Compiling everything by hand was working very well actually. That is until I wanted to use lablgtk2. Compiling gtk2 (and depencies) by hand is not so fun.

Being able to simply "yum install ocaml" is so refreshing. This ease of use on the end-user side is clearly the result of a lot of effort.

That's why I wanted to say thanks. Richard Jones in particular deserves a lot of appreciation.


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