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Re: pgocaml and calendar package.

OK, I see what's going on here.  It's rather complicated ...

(1) There can be no actual database around when we build things in

(2) Because of (1), we don't build the test suite when building
PG'OCaml.  So no final program ever gets linked.

As a result of (2), we don't see the bug you are seeing.  But I can
reproduce it here easily just by trying to build the test suite.

(3) By mistake (possibly a bug) we are shipping the *.cmi files
for Calendar -- eg. calendar.cmi.

(4) Because of (3), PG'OCaml can compile because it finds modules such
as 'Calendar' which don't really exist (because they are packed as
'CalendarLib.Calendar' etc in the final Calendar library).

So it works, but we're building a broken PG'OCaml in Fedora, which for
various other reasons isn't picked up...

This will need a new release of PG'OCaml to fix, but the fix is pretty
simple, just adding 'open CalendarLib' to the top of various files.


Richard Jones
Red Hat

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