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[RFA] Your ocaml package did not pass QA

Dear packager,

At 20091122T202901Z, your “ocaml” package failed one or more of the tests
I was performing on the “fedora-devel” repository located at:

There are three different reasons that may cause this message:
1. your package is including one or more font files, but not packaging
   them properly;
2. your package is including one or more font files, and I've found
   issues in some of them;
3. your package is not shipping any font file, but the way it accesses
   fonts in other packages is not satisfying.

To stop receiving this message, you need to:
1. drop the font files or fix their packaging;
2. relay the fonts issues to the fonts upstream to get them revised;
3. work with the code upstream to improve the way it accesses font
   files (usually by making it use fontconfig through a higher-level
   text library such as pango, pango-cairo, harfbuzz, or QT)

You can self-check your packages at any time by:
1. installing createrepo and fontpackages-tools:
# yum install createrepo fontpackages-tools
2. putting your packages and any font package they depends on in a
   test directory
3. indexing this directory with createrepo:
$ createrepo path-to-test-directory
4. running repo-font-audit:
$ repo-font-audit test file://absolute-path-to-test-directory

A summary of the issues I detected is appended here. For your
convenience a more comprehensive analysis is also attached to this

Errors, warnings and suggestions:

P#     t14
1      1
2      1
Total  2

P#  Maintainer  SRPM   RPM            EVR              Arch
1   gemi        ocaml  ocaml-runtime  0:3.11.1-6.fc13  x86_64
2   gemi        ocaml  ocaml          0:3.11.1-6.fc13  x86_64

Test explanation:

t14. Warning: core fonts use

  ☛ Upstream task
  This package accesses fonts through the X11 Core protocol.
  Numerous long-standing problems with this mode of access, and a design
  that could not scale to modern font needs lead the (then XFree86) team to
  deprecate it in favour of fontconfig (née xft). Adoption was quick and by
  2003 it was clear fontconfig was the new standard¹. Nowadays fontconfig is
  widely used², including on non Linux/Unix platforms.
  While X11 Core access has been kept on life-support this font system is
  not actively maintained today. The font library it depends on is slowly
  shrinking, as it was created in a period of different legal and technical
  requirements², and there is no one to update the font files when a problem
  is found³. Therefore, projects are advised to migrate before the situation
  reaches a critical stage.
  Fontconfig has been our default font system for a long time, and accessing
  fonts by other means will cause behaviour inconsistencies and many other
  problems (since fontconfig can be used to change the behaviour of a font).
  If an application can not use fontconfig today this is a serious bug that
  should be reported to the application upstream. Please ask it to add
  fontconfig support to their code (usually, via a higher-level library
  such as pango-cairo).
  ¹ http://xfree86.org/pipermail/forum/2003-March/000799.html
  ² Screen technology changed, encoding standard (Unicode) changed, legal
  reviews became more comprehensive, etc.
  ³ Leaving culling the only solution.

Please take the appropriate measures to fix the “ocaml” package.
I will warn you again if it is still necessary next time I am ran.

This report was generated by the repo-font-audit command from:

Please post questions, suggestions, patches or bug reports to:
(subscription required)

Your friendly QA robot,


Attachment: ocaml.tar.xz
Description: application/xz-compressed-tar

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