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New OCaml packages needing review

ocaml-bin-prot - Read and write OCaml values in a type-safe binary protocol

- Updated today to the latest upstream version.

ocaml-fieldslib - OCaml library for folding over record fields

- A brand new library / syntax extension from Jane St for performing
multiple operations over records.

ocaml-janest-core - Many and various enhancements to the OCaml standard library

- Jane St released new upstream version 0.6.0 of their 'Core' library,
with renewed emphasis on performance and consistency.

ocaml-batteries - OCaml Batteries Included

- OCaml "Batteries Included" is another contender for an enhanced
standard library.  Slides from this year's OCaml Users Conference are

jocaml - Join-calculus extension of Objective Caml

(This needs work from the package submitter)

ocaml-xmlm - OCaml library for streaming XML input and output

Slightly baffling library for parsing XML stream.  TBH I couldn't work
out how to use this one ...


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